picture of our office brewsters servicesBrewster’s Services Group, LLC offers its municipal and commercial clients professional hydro seeding services. We keep our rates competitive and would love to discuss your questions about hydro seeding and hopefully make you another one of our satisfied customers. Give us a call today at 865-458-8887 to hear more about our hydro seeding services.

Hydro seeding is also called hydraulic mulch seeding, hydro mulching, and hydra seeding. Don’t let its many names fool you, however: hydro seeding is actually a simple process. Water, seed, fertilizer, and mulch are mixed in a tank to form slurry, which is then applied to prepared soil surfaces. Water is used to carry the slurry as well as to instigate the germination process. Seed can also be pre-germinated in a tank in order to jumpstart the process. A high phosphorus “starter” fertilizer is often used in the slurry to stimulate root growth and establish your grass quickly.

Any type of seed can be used, including regular lawn seed for yards and grassy areas, turf-type seed for athletic areas, and even wild flowers for ditches and meadows; it just depends on the application our customers are after. At Brewster’s Services Group, LLC, we use only the best, highest-quality seed in order to guarantee germination and a quick, thick lawn.

The mulch used in hydro seeding is made from either a paper or wood product or a combination of the two and is responsible for the green-blue color of the slurry. It’s not just used for its pretty color, however; the mulch protects the seed, prevents erosion, and seals in moisture.  Other additives may be used in the slurry, including tackifiers for slopes and soil pH balancing agents.

Hydro Seeding Benefits

If you are planting a relatively large area, Brewster’s Services Group, LLC can help you complete that process in a short period of time. Our professional hydro seeding service is very effective at combatting erosion control on hillsides and graded lawns. Another benefit to our service is that hydro seeded lawns establish themselves faster than broadcast methods. Hydro seeding also costs about ¼ the price of laying sod.

Hydro seeding results are often immediate and have high germination rates. New grass is typically seen within approximately one week, and mowing will be required within 3-4 weeks after application. If you have any more questions about our professional hydro seeding services, please contact Brewster’s Services Group, LLC today. Call us at 865-458-8887 for all of your municipal and commercial hydro seeding needs.