picture of our offie brewsters servicesBrewster’s Services Group, LLC wants to help you show your customers and visitors that you’re open for business by providing you with a clean parking lot. Curb appeal is essential to our municipal and commercial clients and has a direct impact on patrons’ behavior. We know that regular parking lot sweeping helps keep your property looking clean and attractive. Call us today at 865-458-8887 to set up your parking lot sweeping service.

Not only does keeping your parking lot swept make it visually appealing to visitors; it also keeps your property safe for them. Debris such as broken glass, leaves, and papers accumulate in a parking lot and create an unsightly appearance as well as a safety issue that could lead to injuries.  The trained and experienced professionals at Brewster’s Service Group, LLC utilize the most current power sweeping equipment to remove trash and debris from parking lots.

At Brewster Services Group, LLC, we use top quality vacuum sweepers to rid your commercial or municipal parking lot of unsightly litter, leaves, salt, sand, pebbles, and other debris. Larger debris like cans, cups, bottles, newspapers, and bags are handpicked from planters and landscaping. We also use low-noise emitting and environmentally friendly backpack blowers to perform detailed blowing areas like sidewalks and curbs. Our parking lot sweeping service is quick, efficient, and thorough, and we do everything we can to avoid interrupting the productivity of your business.

Brewster’s Services Group, LLC offers its municipal and commercial clients full service parking lot sweeping services. We create customized maintenance programs that meet the specific needs of each client’s property. Whether its daily, weekly, monthly, or quarterly service you’re after, Brewster’s will work closely with you to ensure that we meet all of your needs. Our parking lot sweeping programs include the following services:

  • Removing trash, cigarette butts, leaves, and other debris on sidewalks with a power blower.
  • Removing trash from grass and landscaped areas.
  • Removing trash, leaves, cigarette butts, glass, sand, and other debris from paved parking areas and drives and behind buildings.
  • Removing trash and other debris from around dumpster enclosures and the rear of buildings with a power blower.
  • Sweeping corners, curbs, and other areas inaccessible to the sweeper truck with a power blower.
  • Regular monitoring and reporting of property conditions, including potholes, sign damage, burned out lights, or other liability issues.

Brewster’s Services Group, LLC prides itself on providing its commercial and municipal customers with great curb appeal through its parking lot sweeping services. We make it our top priority to keep our clients’ parking lots clean, swept, and properly maintained. You can trust our experienced staff to provide for your specific needs. Call Brewster’s Services Group, LLC at 865-458-8887 today to discuss your parking lot